October 21

A Majestic Morning Over Mallacoota: Capturing the Sun’s First Rays

Art, East Gippsland


The early morning of 21 October 2020 was a day I'll never forget. The sleepy town of Mallacoota was just stirring awake, but I was already up, drone in hand, waiting for the perfect moment. I had a sense that this morning would be special, and Mother Nature did not disappoint.

The image captures the breathtaking sunrise over Mallacoota Lake, a serene canvas of pink, orange, and gold. The tranquillity of the morning is mirrored in the calm waters of the lake, disturbed only by a few early birds skimming the surface. The Pacific Ocean, vast and unending, forms a magnificent backdrop, its waters melting into the horizon. To the right, Coull's Inlet adds depth and dimension, showcasing the region's intricate waterways.

Nestled in the midst of this natural beauty is the town of Mallacoota. The homes, awash in the soft glow of dawn, appear peaceful and inviting. In the distance, the docks stand ready, waiting for boats to venture out into the day.

As the sun continued its ascent, I sent my drone soaring higher, capturing a series of images that provided a 360-degree view of this stunning landscape. From this bird's-eye perspective, Mallacoota appeared as a jewel set within a vast expanse of blue. The 180-degree panorama, in particular, offered an expansive view of the land meeting the sea, a testament to the region's untouched beauty.

This was a morning of discovery. Not just of the breathtaking landscapes Mallacoota had to offer, but of the endless possibilities that lay ahead. Each drone shot, each panorama, and each 360VR was a new adventure, a new story waiting to be told.

For those who've never been to Mallacoota, these images offer a tantalising glimpse of its beauty. But for me, they are a reminder. A reminder of that perfect morning, of the beauty that surrounds us, and of the moments worth capturing.

Mallacoota Reflections: Sunrise Over Mirror Lake - 4K Edition"

Dive into a visual spectacle as we soar over the pristine waters of Mallacoota's lake, now captured in stunning 4K resolution. Three years after our original 1K video, experience the magic anew with enhanced clarity and detail. Watch as the brilliant sunrise paints the sky, its radiant hues mirrored flawlessly on the lake's glassy surface. Every cloud, every ripple, every beam of light is brought to life in this revamped edition, offering a mesmerising and immersive experience of nature's artistry. Relive the magic, but this time, in breathtaking 4K. πŸŒ…πŸŽ₯✨

1080P version below

"Golden Dawn Over Bastion Point - Aerial Spectacle"

Witness the mesmerizing allure of Bastion Point as the sun casts its first golden rays over the horizon. This drone video, taken just after sunrise, captures the serene beauty of the boat ramp, the gently lapping waves upon the shore, and the expansive vista of the beach as seen in the accompanying image. The sun's reflection dances upon the water's surface, creating a trail of light that leads the eye towards the distant hills. The rhythmic sound of the waves, combined with the visual splendor, makes for a tranquil and captivating experience. Join us in this aerial journey as we soar above the iconic landmarks of Bastion Point and embrace the magic of a new day. πŸŒ…πŸŒŠπŸš


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