March 29

A Good Friday Flight Over Bastion Point



In the warm embrace of Good Friday, the sun casts its generous glow over Bastion Point, blessing us with a day as serene as the tranquil waters of Mallacoota Lake. It’s a day of reverence and beauty, and nature seems to understand the assignment, offering clear skies and a gentle breeze—perfect conditions for a midday aerial journey.

The video begins with a smooth ascent from the iconic boat ramp, where vessels sit patiently on the calm waters, awaiting their next adventure. As we climb, the horizon unfolds—a 180-degree panorama of azure skies kissing the South Pacific Ocean, a view so vivid it could be a brushstroke on an artist’s canvas.

Circling around Bastion Point, the drone captures the raw beauty of the rugged coastline, where the bushland meets the sea in a harmonious clash of greens and blues. The mouth of the Mallacoota Lake whispers stories of the ebb and flow as the low high tide gently laps at the sand’s edge, a rhythmic dance choreographed by the moon’s unseen pull.

At the heart of this visual symphony is a 360 image that envelops us in the splendor of Mallacoota. From the silken sands to the embrace of the gentle waves, every detail is a love letter to the eyes, a panoramic embrace that feels like a warm hug from an old friend.

Let’s not forget the snapshots, still moments of time where nature’s grandeur is distilled into fragments of eternity. These photos are keepsakes, mementos of a day when the earth itself seemed to pause and revel in the beauty of existence.


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