December 19

A Drone’s Journey Over Harrison’s Channel 13 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


December 13th, 2023, marked a day of exploration and marvel as we set our drone to sail through the sky along Harrison's Channel in Lake Mallacoota. At low tide, with the waters receding to reveal the lake's secrets, we uncovered a stunning natural phenomenon.

A Channel's True Colors The morning flight revealed Harrison's Channel in full splendor, its deep waters etched into the landscape like the strokes of an artist's brush. The tannin-stained waters, a rich, dark hue from the last week's rains, flowed with a graceful determination, weaving between the golden sandbanks exposed by the low tide.

The Contrast of Nature The contrast was striking—the dark waters against the bright sands, a testament to the dynamic environment of Mallacoota. From above, the scene resembled an abstract painting, one that only nature could conceive, with patterns and textures that beckoned for a closer look.

The View from Above Accompanying this blog post, you'll find a series of VR 360s that offer an immersive experience of Harrison's Channel. Each panoramic shot invites you to stand amidst the channel, surrounded by the beauty of Lake Mallacoota in a way that feels almost tangible.

A Journey Immortalized But the true jewel of today's expedition is the video. It captures the drone's flight in real-time, showcasing the dance of shadows and light upon the water's surface and the serene beauty of the lake's expansive shores.

Today's Gallery A collection of 18 photos accompanies this post, each one a frozen moment of the morning's tranquility. They serve as windows into this serene world, highlighting the unique allure of Mallacoota's waterways at low tide.

A Poem: "Low Tide at Harrison's"

In the quiet of the ebbing tide,
Harrison's Channel, open wide.
Tannin waters, dark and deep,
Through sandbanks' golden slumber creep.

The drone hums high, a silent guide,
Over waters wide and side by side.
Capturing nature's silent plea,
In every grain, in every tree.

Where water wends its winding way,
The sun bestows its gentle ray.
And in this low tide's tender call,
Lies the beauty that enthralls us all.

As the day unwinds, and we take in the view,
Let us remember the sights so true.
For in Harrison's depths and sands so fine,
Lies a piece of the world that is purely divine.

We hope this blog post, with its images and verse, transports you to the tranquil shores of Lake Mallacoota. May the serenity of this place find a home in your heart as it has in ours.

Embrace the tranquility, and let the serene beauty of Harrison's Channel inspire your day.

Until our next aerial adventure,


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