August 26

A Drone’s Eye View of Gabo Island



 Capturing Nature's Canvas from the Sky

Sub-Heading: Explore Gabo Island's Scenic Beauty Through Our High-Quality Drone Footage and Photography

G'day folks! If you've ever wondered what Gabo Island looks like from a bird's-eye view, wonder no more. Our recent drone expedition over this iconic location has captured some truly stunning images and videos that bring the island's natural beauty to life.

Gabo Island's Undisturbed Charm

Flying 100m above, our drone was greeted by a magnificent blend of azure skies dotted with soft, white clouds. The light breeze was a perfect accompaniment, ensuring smooth sailing for our aerial vehicle. Below us stretched the Gabo Island airstrip, appearing like a neatly laid ribbon across the island's lush landscape.

The Lighthouse: A Majestic Landmark

One of the most striking sights was the Gabo Island Lighthouse, standing tall and proud amidst the natural greenery. Its historical significance and architectural grandeur are accentuated when viewed from above, making it a focal point of our aerial photography.

Prints that Do Justice to Gabo's Beauty

These captivating images are not just digital pixels on a screen; they are pieces of art waiting to adorn your walls. Local enthusiasts can get these images printed on canvas or high-quality paper, in sizes of up to 120 x 40 cm. For those who are not around Mallacoota, worry not! Our photography is also available on various media through Etsy and RedBubble.

So if you've ever wanted to capture a piece of Gabo Island's unique beauty, this is your chance. Our drone photography offers a fresh perspective on a location that continues to inspire and captivate.

To Sum It Up

Whether you're a local who loves the island or someone experiencing it for the first time through our lens, these prints offer a unique opportunity to bring a piece of Gabo Island into your own space.

So why wait? Browse through our selection and let Gabo Island's untamed beauty resonate in your home.

Enter In this mesmerising 360-degree image, you're transported high above Gabo Island, where the sky is a vivid blue canvas dotted with white clouds covering about half the sky. As you hover in this virtual world, you'll notice the iconic Gabo Island Lighthouse standing tall, its stoic structure contrasting beautifully with the surrounding landscape. Nearby, quaint buildings and the island's airstrip complete the tableau below your aerial vantage point. A light breeze seems to animate the scene, adding a touch of liveliness to this breathtaking panoramic view. text here...

Upon Gabo's shores, where the breezes sigh,
The lighthouse stands, piercing the sky.
Blue canvases stretched with cloud threads spun,
Overlook the vast realm of the South Pacific sun.

Rustic buildings tell tales of times long past,
While rugged rocks, by time's hands cast,
Border the coast, steadfast and enduring,
Against the ocean's gentle luring.

A beacon of light in the maritime dance,
Guiding sailors with its steadfast glance.
In this tranquil corner of earth and sea,
Gabo Island whispers tales to thee.

Discover the unparalleled beauty of Gabo Island through our selection of 180-degree panoramas, captured in a stunning 3:1 aspect ratio. These sweeping images offer a comprehensive view of the island's diverse landscapes—from the iconic lighthouse to the lush vegetation and the azure sky punctuated with fluffy white clouds. Photographed from multiple vantage points, each panorama is a visual journey that encapsulates the essence of Gabo Island. Ideal for those who wish to experience the island's grandeur in one frame, these panoramas are available in various sizes and can be printed on high-quality paper or canvas to suit your aesthetic needs.


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