January 29

A Day in Paradise: Sun-Drenched Serenity at Betka Beach 29 Jan 2024

East Gippsland


On this splendid day, the 29th of January, the sun reigns supreme over Betka Beach, showering its warmth on every grain of sand and every lapping wave. The drone soars, capturing the breathtaking union of nature’s elements on a day where the sky dons its most brilliant blue, and the sea sparkles with a spectrum of turquoise hues.

From the lofty perspective of our drone, the scene is one of striking contrasts: the lush wilderness that borders the beach, the tranquil waters of the lake merging with the vibrancy of the ocean, and the golden sands forming a natural amphitheatre to this aquatic play. The gentle curve of the shoreline beckons beachgoers and nature lovers alike, offering a canvas for footprints and memories under the Australian sun.

The photograph showcases a paradise found, a corner of Mallacoota where the pulse of summer is felt with every wave that caresses the shore and every breeze that rustles through the coastal brush. It’s a day of pure bliss, where the only agenda is the pursuit of leisure—be it a swim in the temperate waters, a lazy sunbathe on the shore, or a tranquil walk along the rivers's edge.

Immerse yourself in the spectacular 360-degree vistas of Betka Beach, where the sunbathed sands meet the vibrant blues of the sea and lake. Our panoramic images capture every angle of this sunlit paradise, offering you a virtual experience of Mallacoota's jewel. Feel the warmth, bask in the scenery, and let the serenity of this stunning location wash over you. Explore the natural beauty of Betka, from the secluded sands to the lush, green hinterland, all in one sweeping view.


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