December 6

A Day at Pebbly Beach: From Rainswept Shores to Azure Skies 6 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


Pebbly Beach on this remarkable morning, we set out to capture the essence of Mallacoota's beloved shoreline. The recent rains have transformed the landscape, gifting us with scenes of stark beauty and stirring contrasts. Our collection from today includes a stunning 4K drone video, immersive 360 and 180 panoramas, and a series of photographs taken from both the eagle's and the wanderer's perspectives.

The Visual Feast

Our journey begins with the drone's ascent, its camera recording in crisp 4K, sweeping over the beach as the morning light casts the ocean in shades of flat white coffee. The 360 panorama allows you to stand at the centre of it all, turning to face the water, the sky, the bush, and the remnants of resilience in the blackened trees. The 180 panoramas stretch out on either side, encapsulating the vastness of the sea and the intimacy of the shoreline.

The photographs tell their own stories: the high shots capture the grand sweep of coast and bush, the powerful narrative of survival written in the landscape. Down low, the camera hones in on details—the grain of the sand, the froth of the wave, the delicate green of new growth.

The Poetry of Pebbly Beach

In addition to these visual narratives, we've also included a poem that encapsulates the spirit of Pebbly Beach, a tribute to its enduring beauty and strength:

Upon this shore where waters churn,
The fires' shadow still we discern,
Yet with each wave and rain's caress,
Life's green whispers of repossess.

The sky a canvas broad and bright,
With clouds like sheep, so soft, so white,
Above the beach where sands do blend,
With tales of nature's will to mend.

And in this dance of sea and land,
Our drone above, a soaring hand,
Captures Pebbly Beach, with every hue,
In images, we share with you.

Experience the Full Spectrum

This blog post is not just a showcase; it's an invitation to experience Pebbly Beach in all its forms. From the dynamic skies to the storytelling landscapes, each click, each scroll is a step along this beautiful coastline.

To witness the full spectrum of today's collection, from the vivid 4K video to the interactive panoramas and the evocative photographs, visit our gallery at the end of this post. Let yourself be transported to the heart of Mallacoota's natural splendour, and be reminded of the resilience that lies in the heart of Australia's coast.


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