April 15

A Day at Betka: Morning and Afternoon Contrasts



I had the pleasure of visiting Betka twice today, experiencing the stark contrast of low tide in the morning and high tide in the afternoon. In the morning, I arrived to find the coffee-colored water of the Betka River rushing out to the ocean, with lots of white clouds dotting the sky and a light breeze in the air. The exposed sand banks and rocks created a beautiful landscape to explore.

Later in the afternoon, I returned to find a completely different scene. The crystal clear green ocean water was rushing in, creating a stunning contrast against the blue sky with just a few fluffy clouds. A few people were swimming in the ocean, enjoying the cool water on a warm day, while a few more lounged on the beach. A couple of dogs were running around, happily playing in the sand.

It's amazing how the same place can look so different depending on the time of day and the state of the tides. Betka truly is a place of natural beauty, and I feel lucky to have experienced both its morning and afternoon glory.

Soft sand, gentle breeze,
Morning light with coffee's ease,
Betka River runs out to the sea.

White clouds, sky so blue,
Afternoon sun shining through,
Crystal clear ocean rushes anew.

Dogs playing, swimmers glide,
High tide coming in with the tide,
Betka Beach a place to abide.

Waves crash and foam,
The ocean comes alive
Betka's river mouth
A sight to revive

Drone soars up high
Capturing the scene
The water and sky
A wonder to be seen

High tide rushes in
Crystal clear and green
The beach a place to swim
The beauty is serene


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