July 15

A Bird’s Eye View of Bastion Point: Unveiling Nature’s Serenity



As the Australian winter sets in, the landscape takes on a certain tranquillity that eludes the busier months. The clear, calm seas of Mallacoota become a mirror, reflecting the depth of our skies, and the greenery intensifies, creating a tableau of serene beauty. Today, we embarked on a journey, not by foot, but by flight, exploring the exquisite scenery around Bastion Point with the aid of a drone, capturing the breadth and beauty of the area in a series of panoramic images, a 360 photo, and a stunning video.

The adventure began at the calm emerald seas surrounding Bastion Point. As the drone lifted off, the landscape unfolded beneath, the smooth sea stretching out like a vast mirror, the sandy beaches hugging the gentle curve of the coastline, and the rock pools by the point standing still in time. The boat ramp stood empty, leading the eye towards the inviting, yet deserted fairways of the local golf course.

As the drone glided across the mouth of the river, the low tide revealed the rugged riverbed, a stark contrast to the smooth sea. A video captured this remarkable contrast, highlighting two lone surfers, their figures etched against the serene backdrop, patiently awaiting the perfect wave. The drone continued its journey, creating a 360 photo at Captain Stevenson's Point, capturing a seamless panoramic view of the stunning landscape in every direction.

The journey didn't stop there. The drone ventured further, heading out to the inviting sea. The emerald green waters glistened in the winter sunlight as the drone soared above, capturing the breathtaking vista in a series of 180-degree panoramic images. Each image detailed a unique perspective, from the rippling water to the silhouette of Genoa Peak against the vivid blue sky.

In the car park, a line of vehicles stood silent and empty, their boat trailers bare. This quiet observation hinted at a fleet of boats floating gently on the calm sea, their owners immersing themselves in the tranquillity of the day.

Today's exploration of Bastion Point was a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, amplified by the unique perspective offered by the drone. This visual journey paints a picture of peaceful coexistence, where nature's breathtaking beauty meets the subtle, appreciative touch of mankind. So, join us on this remarkable adventure and discover the charm of Bastion Point from a bird's eye view.

In midwinter's heart, where Bastion lays,
An emerald sea meets the sun's soft rays,
Smooth as glass, it mirrors wide,
The tranquil peace of the earth and sky.

The sandy shores in gentle sweep,
Hold rock pools deep, where secrets keep,
A golfer's field, players unseen,
Lies 'neath the shadow of Genoa's peak.

The river mouth, by low tide cleaved,
Holds surfers patient, dreams yet achieved.
The cars in rows, the trailers bare,
Speak of a day spent without care.

In nature's hold, we find our peace,
Where man's imprint and beauty meet,
In Bastion's heart, where the waters play,
A tale unfolds of a midwinter's da


Aerial View, Australian landscape, Bastion Point, Captain Stevensons Point, drone photography, Genoa Peak, Mallacoota, panoramic images, Winter Tranquillity

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