November 28

2024 Calendar

Art, East Gippsland


"Discover Mallacoota's Splendour in the 2024 Calendar:
A Journey Through the Lens"

G'day, folks! Exciting news for all you lovers of coastal beauty and drone photography enthusiasts! Our much-anticipated 2024 Mallacoota Calendar is now available, and it's a stunner, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of Mallacoota like never before.

What's in Store? This isn't just any calendar. We've got 13 spectacular drone photos taken over the past year, offering a bird's-eye view of Mallacoota's unique landscapes. Each month, you're treated to a new vista, from serene beaches to rugged coastlines, all captured in brilliant detail.

Sizes and Quality Available in two sizes, A4 (30 x 42 cm) and A3 (42 x 60 cm) when open, each calendar is printed on heavy card with glossy, high-quality inks that bring each image to life. Whether for your home or office, these calendars are sure to be a conversation starter.

A Deeper Dive into Each Image But wait, there's more! For each image in the calendar, we've got a dedicated blog post at with a video and additional images taken during the same shoot. It's like having a mini-adventure each month, right from the comfort of your couch.

Price and Availability Priced at $33 for the A4 and $44 for the A3 size, these calendars are a steal for the quality and experience they offer. They're available now, so don't miss out on your chance to bring a piece of Mallacoota into your daily life.

And here's the full list, updated with the exact dates:

  1. January: From Captain Stevenson’s Point - 24/01/2023
  2. February: Farside of Button Lake looking back at Mallacoota - 20/02/2023
  3. March: High above Karbeethong Hill looking across the lake - 09/03/2023
  4. April: Moonrise over Gabo Island from South Betka Beach - 04/04/2023
  5. May: Over The Mallacoota Golf Club, facing the sea - 10/05/2023
  6. June: Bastion Point looking north over the crystal-clear ocean - 10/06/2023
  7. July: Bastion Point Rocks from above - 17/07/2023
  8. August: Betka River just before it meets the ocean - 30/08/2023
  9. September: Sunrise over Gabo Island from Coull’s Inlet - 19/09/2023
  10. October: From Point Danger, north to Betka Beach - 23/10/2023
  11. November: South Betka Beach and the Mermaid Pool - 11/11/2023
  12. December: The festive crowd at the open Betka River Mouth - 27/12/2022

The cover, featuring the 11th of November shot of South Betka Beach, is a testament to the untouched splendour of Mallacoota's coast, promising to bring a slice of this coastal paradise into your home all year round.

For our international friends, we're thrilled to offer the A3 Mallacoota Calendar with the enchanting Easter moonrise on the cover, available for delivery to your corner of the globe. When you order through Etsy, take comfort in knowing that the listed price includes worldwide shipping. No matter where you reside, from bustling cityscapes to tranquil countryside retreats, a piece of Mallacoota's serene beauty can find its way to you, bringing with it the calm and splendour of our cherished Australian coast.


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