June 10

Warm Winters morning over Bastion Point



Saturday, day that welcomed us with the gentle embrace of a calm, warm winter's morning over Bastion Point. As the dawn broke, the ocean unveiled its crystal clear green waters. Gentle waves rhythmically rolled in from the east, an orchestrated symphony of nature that added a serene melody to the day.

The beach at this time of year is a spectacle to behold. The golden stretch of sand running south all the way to the Betka River Mouth is shorter now. Time and tide, ceaseless architects that they are, have shifted the mouth of the lakes to the south end. Yet, this change paints a unique picture of our beach, making it all the more captivating.

Rising above this natural canvas, the Mallacoota golf course stood resplendent in its green glory. From our vantage point, it felt like an oasis of tranquility, untouched by the winter's chill. Its rolling fairways and manicured greens brought a touch of human endeavour to the vast panorama of wild beauty.

Turning our gaze to the lake, the spectacle continued. The low winter's sun reflected off the water, creating a sparkling vista that no artist's palette could match. It was as if a million tiny mirrors were embedded in the lake's surface, each catching the sunlight and throwing it back into the world.

The day brought with it several spectacular views, captured in an assortment of 180 panoramas, 360 VR images, and a captivating video. These collections encapsulate the stunning beauty of this winter's day at Bastion Point, a visual testament to nature's grandeur and an invitation to find joy in the quiet moments of natural splendour."

Upon Bastion Point, where boulders hold,
Meet emerald waves, gentle and bold.
Crystal sea whispers, tenderly sways,
In a rhythmic dance that softly plays.


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