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Stunning Sunrise 15 July 2021

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Welcome to Mallacoota's Coull's Inlet, where nature's beauty unfolds with each passing sunrise. On the morning of July 15, 2021, we were fortunate to capture a truly remarkable moment just after sunrise, using our drone to witness the breathtaking scene from above.

The video footage showcases the stunning lighting that enveloped the landscape, as the yellow-orange sun made its ascent just over the majestic Howe Ranges. The sun's rays reflected beautifully along the still waters of the lake, painting a mesmerising picture that seemed to extend seamlessly into the clouds above. Shades of pink, orange, grey, and white merged together, creating a celestial canvas that delighted the eye.

As the drone glided through the sky, a panoramic view emerged, revealing the blue expanse of the ocean on one side, while the township glowed in the morning sunshine on the other. Lakeside Drive stretched out, inviting exploration along its tranquil path. From the Narrows on the left to Bastion Point on the right, the sweep of the view captivated with its sheer grandeur.

To commemorate this unforgettable moment, we are excited to offer a limited-edition print captured during this magical sunrise. The print, available on Aluminium and measuring 90x30cm, beautifully preserves the scene's vivid colors and incredible detail. You can order this remarkable piece of art by visiting https://bit.ly/m2-s15 and witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Coull's Inlet in your own space.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the serenity and natural splendor of this unforgettable sunrise. Allow the drone video and the stunning print to transport you to this picturesque location, where the interplay of light and landscape creates moments of pure wonder. Share in the magic of Mallacoota's Coull's Inlet and experience the essence of nature's captivating beauty.

Don't miss out on owning a piece of this extraordinary sunrise captured in the Aluminium print. It's a true testament to the remarkable colours and scenery that grace the skies of Coull's Inlet, Mallacoota. Get ready to adorn your space with this exquisite artwork and let the beauty of nature fill your surroundings.

Winter's orange sunrise paints the sky,
Over Coull's Inlet Mallacoota's tide.
No wind to stir, some clouds to fly,
Brilliant reflections, peace and pride.

The water's still, a mirror's gleam,
Reflecting colours bright and bold.
Nature's canvas, a stunning theme,
A story told in shades of gold.

The tranquil morning, a perfect peace,
A gift from nature's hand.
A moment to cherish and release,
A memory to keep and stand.

This image can be ordered with Poetry on RedBubble in several formats and sizes, and without the Poem http://bit.ly/3iSUYrJ


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