July 23

Mallacoota’s Mystical Transformation 23 July 2020

East Gippsland


Mallacoota never ceases to amaze, and the days following the opening of the mouth were no exception. The 23rd of July, 2020, was marked by a remarkable transformation in the lake’s appearance and demeanour. The first tidal flush had just taken place, and the lake was experiencing a new lease of life.

Gone were the familiar clear green waters, replaced by a unique blend of hues that told a tale of nature's constant ebb and flow. Despite the absence of the blue sky – with white and grey clouds creating a canopy overhead – the scene was breathtaking. There was something poetic about the overcast conditions; it lent an eerie yet serene light to the landscape, making every detail pop.

The golden-orange sands stood out vividly against this backdrop, offering a beautiful contrast to the calm waters. One could say that the lake, with its refreshed waters, was taking a momentary pause, basking in the serenity of the day.

To give you a comprehensive view of this remarkable day, I've put together a collection of images and videos. There’s a 360-degree VR, offering a panoramic experience as if you’re right there, in the midst of this enchanting scenery. The 180-degree image is a visual treat, capturing the vast expanse of the lake and its surroundings. In addition, there's a series of images that walk you through the various facets of this picturesque day.

Each click, each frame tells a story – of nature’s resilience, its power to renew and transform, and the quiet moments that follow a significant event. It's a gentle reminder of the transient nature of everything around us and the beauty that lies in change.

I invite you to dive deep into these visuals, to feel the calm and witness the beauty of Mallacoota in a light you might never have seen before. Enjoy this serene journey, and may it remind you of the wonders that lie in every twist and turn of nature.

Amidst the muted sky so grey,
Mallacoota's waters lay,
Freshly flushed by tidal sweep,
Emerald depths, so vast, so deep.

Golden sands of orange hue,
Contrast the ocean's greenish view,
Whisper tales of nature's dance,
Of change, of fate, of pure romance.

The clouds above, a blanket white,
Cast shadows, soft, in gentle light,
Emerald waves, serene and still,
Echo the world's timeless thrill.

A day of calm, a moment rare,
A silent symphony fills the air,
Nature’s canvas, vast and wide,
In tranquil beauty, does confide.

In every ripple, in every grain,
Resounds the song of the main,
Mallacoota, in silent prose,
Shares a tale only the heart knows.

The Mouth with a Van Gogh filter applied 


Australian, drone photography, eerie, golden sands, Mallacoota, nature’s wonder, overcast, tidal flush, tranquil

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