January 8

Kiteboarding’s Quiet Realm: Harnessing Harrison’s Channel 4 Jan 2024



Amidst the modest undulations of Harrison’s Channel, where small waves offer texture rather than tumult, I found myself largely alone, the vastness of the water interrupted only by the occasional fisher casting lines of hope. The wind, while gusty, left me yearning for more—a testy partner in this dance of kite and board.

The holiday park, brimming with life, seemed a world away. Campers nestled in their temporary homes, perhaps unaware of the serene spectacle just a stone’s throw from their tents. And there I was, carving through the water, each movement a note in an unwritten symphony played between wind and wave.

Today's blog includes a 360-degree image that captures not only the broad expanse of the channel but also the tranquility of its waters, slightly ruffled by the breeze. The 180-degree panoramas offer a sense of scope and isolation, while the video—complete with helmet cam footage—tells a quieter story: one of a kiteboarder and the sea, conversing in hushed tones under the watchful gaze of an Australian sun.

In this place, the sport transcends mere activity—it’s an exercise in mindfulness, a communion with nature, where the soft slap of small waves against the board is a mantra and the wind’s gusts a challenge to be met with grace and skill.

The video begins with the drone's eye view, soaring high above the channel where the hues of brown from the rain-fed waters paint an earthen tapestry below. It glides, capturing the vastness of the scene, the small waves that texture the surface, and my solitary figure in the midst of nature's amphitheatre. 

Then, the perspective shifts, and through the helmet cam, you're transported directly into my world. You feel the tug of the kite, the push and pull of the wind, the occasional jolt as the board cuts through the small waves. The helmet cam captures the intimacy of the experience—the spray of water, the sound of the wind rushing past, and the focused calm that envelops me as I navigate the channel. Together, the drone vision and helmet cam intertwine to tell a story of contrast—between the grandeur of the landscape and the personal narrative of a lone kiteboarder riding the breath of Mallacoota.


Adventure, Australian summer, gusty winds, Harrisons Channel, kiteboarding, Mallacoota, outdoor solitude, small waves, Water sports

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