March 15

High Tide Adventures: Exploring Betka’s Rocky Shores in Autumn



At the heart of a warm Autumn day, Betka Beach is a symphony of elements. The light breeze plays conductor to a chorus of waves, their white crests applauding against a backdrop of sunlit patches and shadow. A blanket of clouds, generous yet forgiving, allows the sun to pierce through in dramatic rays, casting a dance of light over the landscape.

The river, though contained by a sandbar, brims with the energy of high tide, sending occasional waves spilling over its natural barricade. This ebb and flow, the relentless cycle of the sea, serves as the pulse of this coastal enclave. The tide may be on its descent, but its presence is still commanding, the water embracing the shore in a high embrace.

Our latest blog post captures this midday pageant through the lens of a 4K drone as it sweeps from the Betka River mouth to the remote stretches of Quarry Beach. It's a journey over a coastline etched with rocky outcrops, where rock pools beckon with their hidden worlds and caves whisper secrets of the deep. This breathtaking footage is flanked by an array of 360VR images, 180-degree panoramas, and stills—all of which sing the praises of this majestic shoreline.

Each frame, be it still or moving, is a celebration of Betka's Autumn canvas, ripe for adorning your walls as art. Experience the rugged beauty, the play of light and shadow, and the symphony of waves in a collection that's as dynamic as the coastline it honours. Join us as we reveal the grandeur of Betka, a natural masterpiece painted with the brushstrokes of the season.

Where eucalypts whisper to the salt-kissed breeze,
Betka Beach sprawls with an effortless ease.
Waves fold on the shore in rhythmic delight,
As the sun crowns the ocean with golden light.

Rock pools cradle secrets from the deep sea's chest,
Caves echo tales where the adventurous rest.
Mallacoota’s gem, where the wild heart roams,
Betka’s sands call every wandering spirit home.


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