May 10

Bastion Point 10 May 2023 between the Storms



As the storms of Autumn rolled in on the 10th of May 2023, Bastion Point presented an awe-inspiring panorama of nature's artistry. The 360VR video and photographs vividly capture this spectacular tableau.

Through the thickets of grey and white clouds, the tenacious sunlight pierced through, casting a radiant glow upon the landscape. Amid the swirling storms to the east, gaps in the cloud cover revealed patches of a deep blue sky, like azure jewels embedded in a silver tapestry.

On the vast horizon, dwarfed by the immensity of nature's canvas, a 300-metre container ship moved steadily northward. Its tiny silhouette against the looming storms added a touch of human endeavour to the grand spectacle.

The deceptive tranquillity of the lake and ocean, stirred by the 20-knot WSW winds, reflected the varying shades of the sky above. The low tide created a dynamic flow as water from the lake sought the open embrace of the ocean. Long shadows sprawled across the landscape, adding depth to the late afternoon vista.

In the balmy 16°C weather, Bastion Point was caught between the alternating rhythms of storm and calm, the play of light and shadow, and the eternal dialogue between lake and ocean.

Experience the tranquil allure of Mallacoota through a mesmerizing drone flight, captured on the 10th of May, 2023. Our journey begins at the famous Bastion Point Car Park, unveiling a panoramic vista of the stunning landscape beneath.

As we ascend and gently glide towards the mouth, the calm lake serves as a mirror to the westward, low hanging sun of the late afternoon, creating a spectacular reflection. The sky above, a sublime fusion of hazy, grey-white clouds intermingled with patches of blue, creates an enchanting backdrop to our flight. The ocean, though stirred with small waves, remains deceptively calm, presenting a delightful canvas of crystal clear green sea water which has retreated from the previous high tide.

As we reverse our course, heading towards the Golf Club, the drone pivots to reveal a breathtaking panorama that showcases the diverse landscape of Mallacoota. From lush greenery to the wide expanse of the lake and ocean, the view encapsulates the stunning grandeur of nature's spectacle.

On this serene, windless autumn day, with a comfortable temperature of 16°C, the drone video provides an unrivalled perspective of Mallacoota's charm. Enjoy the peace and beauty of the region as we fly above the verdant golf course and appreciate the splendour of the ever-changing landscape.

"A Soaring Ode to Mallacoota's Beauty"

Above the world so high, where sun and clouds collide,
In Mallacoota's sky, a gentle flight I glide.
From Bastion Point I soar, to the mouth and back,
Each wondrous sight implores, a canvas nature-packed.

The calm lake, a mirror, reflects the sun so low,
A golden shimmer lingers, in this enchanting glow.
Hazy clouds of grey and white, with patches of the sky,
Paint a scene serene and bright, as through the air I fly.

To the ocean's clear green hue, where waves and waters meet,
A dance of life, a stunning view, the tide's retreat complete.
Small waves whip white foam, as far as eyes can see,
A vast expanse of beauty roams, as nature's artistry.

As I turn towards the Golf Club green, the panorama unveils,
A realm where land and water glean, a timeless tale regales.
From lush green earth to ocean wide, the view captivates,
Mallacoota's heart resides, in nature's grand landscape.

In this windless, balmy air, an ode to nature's grace,
In Mallacoota's beauty rare, I find a tranquil space.
So let us cherish and embrace, this splendid view we see,
For in our hearts, we'll hold a place, for Mallacoota's scenery.


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