October 11

A Serene Afternoon Over Betka River Mouth and Beach 11 Oct 2023

East Gippsland


At Beautiful Betka's shore today,
Nature's resilience on grand display,
From fiery scars of yesteryears' fray,
Emerges a vibrant, lively ballet.

Once charred and blackened, now green and blue,
Life has returned, both in sky and through,
The verdant groves, and the waters clear,
Signs of rebirth and recovery near.

Four years have passed, but the land stands proud,
Echoing rebirth, singing aloud,
From ashes risen, stronger, profound,
Betka's spirit, forever unbound.

The untouched beauty of Betka River Mouth and Beach has always been a natural gem, and today's drone exploration proved it once more. In a calm and sunlit afternoon, the drone soared into the azure sky, capturing the pristine landscapes in all their splendour.

A Bird's Eye View

The 4K video, available for viewing, offers a breathtaking perspective of Betka Beach. With the warm afternoon sun casting a gentle glow, the emerald waters of the river mouth meet the turquoise expanse of the ocean in a beautiful dance. The white waves break gently on the sandy shores, creating an ethereal lacework that contrasts with the rugged beauty of the coastal rocks.

The beach, usually a popular spot, was unusually deserted this afternoon. The absence of people added a tranquil quality to the scenery, making the landscape seem almost untouched and wild.

360° of Beauty

For those wanting a more immersive experience, two 360VR images have been captured. As you delve into these panoramic shots, you're instantly transported to Betka. Feel the sun on your face, hear the distant call of seabirds, and get lost in the vastness of the seascape.

The drone's bird's eye view also captured the backcountry—a tapestry of greens and browns, where nature thrives in harmony. The winding trails through the greenery hint at adventures waiting to be embarked upon.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

In addition to the video and VR images, a plethora of photos have been snapped. Each frame tells a story of nature's grandeur—from the silvery sands of Betka Beach to the intricate patterns the waves make as they retreat.

Final Thoughts

Betka River Mouth and Beach, with its serene beauty and captivating landscapes, remains a testament to nature's wonders. Today's drone exploration, on a rare afternoon with not a soul in sight, has been a reminder of how precious and awe-inspiring our natural world is.

Whether you're revisiting memories or planning a future trip, these visuals from Betka are a treat for the senses. Dive into the images, let the video transport you, and for a moment, feel the peace and tranquility that only nature can offer.


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