Beach Girls 2024

January (Summer):
"In the brilliance of summer, be as boundless as the waves. Speak with honesty, surf with integrity."

February (Summer):
"Find your rhythm in the sea's endless song. Always do your best, even when the best wave is yet to come."

March (Autumn):
"As leaves turn, so do thoughts. In the calm of autumn, listen more, assume less."

April (Autumn):
"Embrace change like the shifting tides. Seek not to be right, but to understand."

May (Winter):
"In the quiet of winter, find strength. Your word is your promise, like the steady pull of the moon on the tide."

June (Winter):
"Let the crisp air clear your mind. In simplicity, there is truth; in stillness, clarity."

July (Winter):
"Beneath the chill, the heart remains warm. Be impeccable with your word, even in the coldest moments."

August (Winter to Spring):
"As winter whispers goodbye, welcome new beginnings. Don't take anything personally; every wave crashes differently."

September (Spring):
"Spring blooms within. Let your actions speak with love, as the ocean caresses the shore."

October (Spring):
"In the rebirth of spring, find your balance. Life, like surfing, requires you to be present in every moment."

November (Spring to Summer):
"As the sun returns, so does your spirit. Always do your best, and the beach will always welcome you."

December (Summer):
"Celebrate the year's journey. Speak with kindness, surf with joy, live with gratitude."

Aussie Beach Girls 2024 Calendar 

Welcome to a sun-drenched year with exclusive "Aussie Beach Girls 2024" calendar! Immerse yourself in the Australian beach culture with stunning images that celebrate the beauty and free spirit of Aussie beach girls and the enchanting Australian shores.

Embrace the Aussie Sun, All Year Round! ☀️

Our "Aussie Beach Girls 2024" calendar captures the essence of Australia's sunniest moments, featuring beautiful beach scenes that make every month feel like a summer holiday. Get ready to be accompanied by radiant smiles, golden tans, and the rhythmic dance of the waves every day of the year!

What's Inside:

  • 12 Mesmerising Months: Each month showcases an Aussie beach girl, epitomising the adventurous and laid-back Aussie lifestyle.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Every image is paired with a feel-good, motivational phrase to inspire your journey through the year.
  • High-Quality Prints: Printed on premium 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-gloss silk paper for a touch of elegance.
  • Two Convenient Sizes:
    • A4 Vertical (21 x 29.7 cm) - Perfect for smaller spaces.
    • A3 Vertical (29.7 x 42 cm) - Make a statement with a larger display.

Pricing (Including Postage):

  • A4 Size: $39 AUD - A perfect fit for any wall.
  • A3 Size: $49 AUD - Go big and bold with our larger format.

Hang it Your Way:

  • Sturdy Wire-Binding: Choose from metallic, black, or white wire-O binding.
  • Easy-to-Hang: Each calendar comes with a punched hole for easy hanging.
  • Double-Page Layout: Images on one side, dates on the other, unfolding to double the size when hung.

Order Now on Etsy!

Ready to add some Aussie charm to your wall? Our calendars are now available for order on Etsy. Click below to choose your size and start your year with a splash!

Local production partners across the globe ensure that your calendar arrives quickly and reduces carbon emissions. Proudly made with love and care, our calendars are a celebration of the Aussie way of life and the perfect gift for anyone who loves the coast.

Connect with the Beach, Connect with the Year

Our Aussie Beach Girls calendar isn't just a way to mark time—it's a journey through the year with the spirit of the beach guiding you. From January's sizzling sands to December's festive tides, let the essence of Australia's beaches inspire you throughout 2024.

Coota's Aussie Beach Girls 2024 – Your everyday escape to the beach!

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